Tuesday, July 17, 2012


She really has no clue,
What's always on my mind,
Yes, all the damn time,
Not a second goes by,
Without her on my brain,
That girl,
She got me insane,
I really can't say,
What she mean to me,
But damn girl,
Yo hearts all I see,
I see the love Now,
I see it in ya eyes,
Ooh girl,
Stay by my side,
& I'll return your love,
Cuz baby, to me,
U a gift from up above,
Never replace ya,
Never displace ya,
No one can uphold,
The place that I've made ya,
But did I talk about ya looks,
Gotta compliment ya there,
Damn you fucking fine,
Yes you,
Your curves so Devine
I want you to be mine opps,
Did I go to far?
Girl you amazing,
Shining like star.

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