Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I Got girls blowing up my phone,
Wondering where I'm at,
Plus I got my girl,
Tellin me to come home,
But do I really wanna,
Staying in this booth,
All fucking summer,
Youngtexx got these girls crazy,
Plus I almost had a baby,
How to sum up my life?
Pretty fucked up,
Falling in & out of love,
The girls played a major part,
Really into the playa art,
4 or 5 at a time,
Them girls I cheated on,
I sorta ruined lives,
But now it's the new me,
Ain't going to the old me,
Fuck relapse,
I'd rather O.D.
What I'm thinking?
U really wanna know?
Get in my mind,
Yours itll blow,
Getting this head,
Falling off her shoulders,
Knock her off her feet,
Falling hard like a boulder,
I make them girls fall,
They always fall for me,
Young-Texx Bitch,
I'm my world,
Is Where I Be.

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