Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Going fucking crazy,
Losing my membrane,
Bitch it's running out,
Fucking wit Young-Texx,
Quit running yo mouth,
Ever since day one,
Niggas made me big,
Talking major shit,
Hear it Over here,
Shit needs to quit,
It ain't gonna stop,
Haters gonna hate,
& ima stay on top,
Ain't trying for the fame,
In this fucking bitch,
For the love of the game,
I feel I gotta story,
& ima fucking tell it,
I wanna get heard,
A lil boy from Texas,
Just wanting the dream,
Being in the studio,
That's my dream,
All fucking night,
Making these tracks,
& spitting on the mic,
All I ever wanted,
Stayed up late,
Up until morning,
Thinking of the day,
That I'll be here,
& my name, Young-Texx,
Will be all yall hear.

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