Friday, July 20, 2012

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


More raps coming! Keep checking in!
Gonna try & get in the booth soon. & make some tracks. Post 'em on here as soon as I do!

Shout out to Drizzy Drake!

Ain't looking for love,
2 times I had it,
Found it, lost it,
But who's really counting,
Here I am now,
All alone, me,
So fuking lost,
Don't know what's going on,
In my own world,
Torn between girls,
But fuck can I say?
If I get 'em,
Hit 'em,
Quit 'em, damn, right
Out of my mind,
When I'm the booth,
I slow down time,
The purple I'm sippin,
Got me slipping out rhymes,
But here I am now,
In my own Zone,
Banging to Drizzy,
Octobers Very Own!


She really has no clue,
What's always on my mind,
Yes, all the damn time,
Not a second goes by,
Without her on my brain,
That girl,
She got me insane,
I really can't say,
What she mean to me,
But damn girl,
Yo hearts all I see,
I see the love Now,
I see it in ya eyes,
Ooh girl,
Stay by my side,
& I'll return your love,
Cuz baby, to me,
U a gift from up above,
Never replace ya,
Never displace ya,
No one can uphold,
The place that I've made ya,
But did I talk about ya looks,
Gotta compliment ya there,
Damn you fucking fine,
Yes you,
Your curves so Devine
I want you to be mine opps,
Did I go to far?
Girl you amazing,
Shining like star.


I Got girls blowing up my phone,
Wondering where I'm at,
Plus I got my girl,
Tellin me to come home,
But do I really wanna,
Staying in this booth,
All fucking summer,
Youngtexx got these girls crazy,
Plus I almost had a baby,
How to sum up my life?
Pretty fucked up,
Falling in & out of love,
The girls played a major part,
Really into the playa art,
4 or 5 at a time,
Them girls I cheated on,
I sorta ruined lives,
But now it's the new me,
Ain't going to the old me,
Fuck relapse,
I'd rather O.D.
What I'm thinking?
U really wanna know?
Get in my mind,
Yours itll blow,
Getting this head,
Falling off her shoulders,
Knock her off her feet,
Falling hard like a boulder,
I make them girls fall,
They always fall for me,
Young-Texx Bitch,
I'm my world,
Is Where I Be.

For My Nigga Nawfy. Gotta hit the track

Me & My nigga Nawfy,
Burning that green,
Now we straight coughing,
Up in the booth,
Keeping it true,
It's a new era,
Time for our rule,
If only I knew,
What I was meant to be,
Here in the studio,
with the family,
But it's a new day,
& it's a new track,
Me & my niggas,
The opposite of wack,
So Im taking back,
To the day I was born,
Young-Texx nigga,
Killing till im gone.


Going fucking crazy,
Losing my membrane,
Bitch it's running out,
Fucking wit Young-Texx,
Quit running yo mouth,
Ever since day one,
Niggas made me big,
Talking major shit,
Hear it Over here,
Shit needs to quit,
It ain't gonna stop,
Haters gonna hate,
& ima stay on top,
Ain't trying for the fame,
In this fucking bitch,
For the love of the game,
I feel I gotta story,
& ima fucking tell it,
I wanna get heard,
A lil boy from Texas,
Just wanting the dream,
Being in the studio,
That's my dream,
All fucking night,
Making these tracks,
& spitting on the mic,
All I ever wanted,
Stayed up late,
Up until morning,
Thinking of the day,
That I'll be here,
& my name, Young-Texx,
Will be all yall hear.


Nigga, Keep runnin yo mouth,
Cuz While you fuckin bitching,
Im just over here chillin,
Ain't even tripping,
Ya know what I'm sippin,
The world in slow-mo,
Moving so slow-ow,
Feel like its 3-D,
Wait, wait,
Can they really feel me,
Spilling out my heart beat,
Into every line I speak,
Telling the fucking truth,
Ain't no one as real as me.