Friday, July 20, 2012

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


More raps coming! Keep checking in!
Gonna try & get in the booth soon. & make some tracks. Post 'em on here as soon as I do!

Shout out to Drizzy Drake!

Ain't looking for love,
2 times I had it,
Found it, lost it,
But who's really counting,
Here I am now,
All alone, me,
So fuking lost,
Don't know what's going on,
In my own world,
Torn between girls,
But fuck can I say?
If I get 'em,
Hit 'em,
Quit 'em, damn, right
Out of my mind,
When I'm the booth,
I slow down time,
The purple I'm sippin,
Got me slipping out rhymes,
But here I am now,
In my own Zone,
Banging to Drizzy,
Octobers Very Own!


She really has no clue,
What's always on my mind,
Yes, all the damn time,
Not a second goes by,
Without her on my brain,
That girl,
She got me insane,
I really can't say,
What she mean to me,
But damn girl,
Yo hearts all I see,
I see the love Now,
I see it in ya eyes,
Ooh girl,
Stay by my side,
& I'll return your love,
Cuz baby, to me,
U a gift from up above,
Never replace ya,
Never displace ya,
No one can uphold,
The place that I've made ya,
But did I talk about ya looks,
Gotta compliment ya there,
Damn you fucking fine,
Yes you,
Your curves so Devine
I want you to be mine opps,
Did I go to far?
Girl you amazing,
Shining like star.


I Got girls blowing up my phone,
Wondering where I'm at,
Plus I got my girl,
Tellin me to come home,
But do I really wanna,
Staying in this booth,
All fucking summer,
Youngtexx got these girls crazy,
Plus I almost had a baby,
How to sum up my life?
Pretty fucked up,
Falling in & out of love,
The girls played a major part,
Really into the playa art,
4 or 5 at a time,
Them girls I cheated on,
I sorta ruined lives,
But now it's the new me,
Ain't going to the old me,
Fuck relapse,
I'd rather O.D.
What I'm thinking?
U really wanna know?
Get in my mind,
Yours itll blow,
Getting this head,
Falling off her shoulders,
Knock her off her feet,
Falling hard like a boulder,
I make them girls fall,
They always fall for me,
Young-Texx Bitch,
I'm my world,
Is Where I Be.

For My Nigga Nawfy. Gotta hit the track

Me & My nigga Nawfy,
Burning that green,
Now we straight coughing,
Up in the booth,
Keeping it true,
It's a new era,
Time for our rule,
If only I knew,
What I was meant to be,
Here in the studio,
with the family,
But it's a new day,
& it's a new track,
Me & my niggas,
The opposite of wack,
So Im taking back,
To the day I was born,
Young-Texx nigga,
Killing till im gone.